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    • October 24, 2023
    • 12:00 PM
    • Club Room at Creekside
    • 10

    Bryce GillThe Financial Forum welcomes Bryce Gill, Economist for First Trust Bank of Austin, Texas. Bryce will be in the Club Room at the Creekside Clubhouse at noon on Tuesday, October 24th. The topic of his talk will be “Volatility has Arrived.” Bryce Gill has a BA in economics from Miami University of Ohio and an MBA from Texas McCombs School of Business.

    Greg O’Donnell of the O’Donnell Financial Group is sponsoring this event. Greg hosts the Greg O’Donnell Financial News Hour on KSFO at noon on Saturday. He is well known for his “Little Red Retirement” books and is a well-respected financial advisor in the Bay Area. 

    The Financial Forum is a 501 3(C) in good standing. Its mission is to educate our members in all finance matters, including wealth management, estate planning, insurance, long-term health care, elder abuse and fraud prevention.

    This event is open to all active members of the Financial Forum. Sunrise Bistro will provide a light lunch. To make reservations, click the Register button. Since the club Room at Creekside can accommodate only 88, there will be a waiting list. Please be considerate of others and cancel on our website if you can’t attend. For more information on the speaker or how to become a member, please contact Joe Hoffman at 925-954-7912.

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